Higg Co. is the new spinoff from SAC

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15-May-2019  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: www.sustainablesmartbusiness.com

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), the alliance of apparel, footwear and textile enterprises behind the Higg Index, is spinning off its technology division.

A for-profit corporation called Higg Co. has been launched that intends to focus on developing Higg Index technology and making it available for all Higg Index customers to use at a global scale. SAC corroborated further by adding “The new launch division will be focusing on improving the experience of using the Higg Index and delivering technology for the robust Higg product roadmap ahead.”

Higg Co. will be led by Jason Kibbey, former SAC CEO, and the SAC will be led by Amina Razvi, Interim Executive Director. “SAC’s vision of an industry that produces no unnecessary environmental harm and has a positive social impact remains as vital as when we started. Spinning out the technology capability enables both organisations to focus on accelerating progress towards that vision,” said Razvi.

Additionally, Higg Co. will also offer customer solutions, enabling companies to integrate measurable data directly into their internal systems, better enabling decisions throughout an enterprise.

“With the spinout of Higg Co., we will provide the industry with the trusted technology it needs to be able to implement the Higg Index at scale. Our customers rely on strong technology to drive the social and environmental improvements that will reshape the apparel and footwear industry, and other industries in the future,” said Kibbey.

SAC owns the majority of Higg Co. and funding is provided by impact investment firms Titan Grove and Buckhill Capital, and Sanjeev Bahl of Saiburg BV.

“As a for-profit, well-capitalised company, Higg Co. will facilitate a faster and more efficient rollout of the Higg Index across global value chains to drive transformative, lasting change,” adds Jeff Tannenbaum, Chairman, Titan Grove.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and the Higg Index provides the standardisation and measurement the industry needs to drive lasting change,” said Henrik Jones, General Partner, Buckhill Capital.

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