Apparel firms in Vietnam sign labour pact with employees

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18-July-2019  |  1 min read

Apparel factory in Vietnam
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5 apparel firms in Vietnam have signed collective labour pacts with their employees.

So, which are these 5 factories? Ha Hung JSC, Viet Phat Co. Ltd., Suntex Co. Ltd., Nhat Hoa Production and Trade Co. Ltd. and Y&I Co. Ltd. recently signed an agreement with the representatives of their workers at an event hosted by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour.

This was, reportedly, a part of a project that commits to promoting effective negotiation in the textile and apparel sector funded by the Dutch National Federation of Christian Trade Unions.

The deal distinctly states that the firms must reward the employees who work for full 12 months by paying them at least one month’s salary as a bonus at the end of the year.

Besides, bonus should also be given to employees who are highly productive as well as those who give innovative ideas.

The deal also says that the companies should also provide to its employees clean and healthy meals that are worth at least 16,000 VND (per meal per person).

What else! The pact underlines that workers, in every shift, can take a short break of at least 10 minutes. Also, the said companies would have to take their employees for excursion.

The employees must abide by the provisions of law, labour contracts, workplace rules and the labour agreements.

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