Speedo unveils new elite swimwear powered by HeiQ technology

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25-April-2019  |  3 mins read

Speedo and HeiQ
Image Courtesy: pentlandbrands.com

Swiss textile innovator HeiQ collaborates with Speedo, a British-Australian manufacturer and distributor of swimwear, on their new Fastskin line of suits incorporated with drag reduction technology by modifying the surface of the fabric in a microscopic level.

Founded in 1914, Speedo has a long heritage and dominance in competitive swimming. Competitive swimmers always look at breaking their own personal records along with beating the records of their competitors. In order to win, swimmers are required to create the least possible resistance so as to obtain maximum speed in the water. Speedo’s new and most advanced Fastskin range is equipped to just do that.

As per Speedo, the Fastskin range was tested on around 330 swimmers of various skill levels, racking up an accumulated 3,50,000 miles of trial time during the products’ three-year development phase.

Carlo Centonze, CEO, HeiQ said, “We are proud to combine our in-depth knowledge in textiles with Speedo’s expertise in swimwear to develop a differentiating innovation. This is the outcome of the close collaboration between Speedo and HeiQ’s research hubs in Australia and Switzerland.”

The LZR Pure Intent wetsuit inhibits features like a unique triple fabric construction, which is designed to enhance compression and flexibility. To reduce drag, both the companies have developed a shark skin-inspired fabric technology. The combination creates pure speed for the sprinter and it has been the Speedo’s smartest suit to date. Whereas the LZR Pure Valor wetsuit is light and flexible and allows the racer to increase their power and reduce drag through streamlining. The fabric was co-developed with HeiQ in order to give the racer a greater range of motion and core stability to help swimmers feel lifted in water and stay strong into the finishes.

Rebecca Bennett, Materials Specialist, Speedo, added, “With almost two decades of improvements in our Fastskin technology, we are excited to partner with HeiQ to give our racers the ultimate advantage with drag reduction technology to improve their speed. We’ve worked very closely with our athletes and taken all their feedback on board to help them get the suit they need to perform at their absolute best.”

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