“Desired qualities in a Preferred Supplier – Sincerity, Commitment, Competitive Pricing”: Dazzle Textile Limited

by Apparel Resources

26-September-2017  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: dazzletextileltd.com

Dazzle Textile Limited spearheaded by Sahed Hasan as the Managing Director, is a buying house with its very own manufacturing unit (68 machines), which the company plans to increase to 1,000 machines, to cater to a rich clientele.

Rule of Three

First and foremost is Sincerity, because it is very important for any work; second would be Commitment (because if a supplier can maintain his commitment, everything else will be in place in terms of business); and the third quality would be Competitive Pricing.

Sync with Changing Dynamics

With changing times, everything changes; even the buyers syncing with the change become very important.

Biggest Challenge!

We are working with an international company from Europe and their product category is of very high-level and a lot needs to be done to maintain that quality. So, in this case, my suppliers should be able to meet the quality standards if they want to work with us.

Sahed Hasan, Managing Director, Dazzle Textile Limited

The Future

In the RMG sector, Bangladesh has done a very good job and has positive future prospects.

Advantage BD

Honesty, good quality of products and commitment

Supplier Pool

I think change is better but not in every case. My associated suppliers already know my product categories as well as the requirements. But having said so, I think new people also should get opportunities.

Business Policies

I will work with a supplier even if its interests/policies are somewhat different from some of my core business principles; it’s not mandatory that all criteria or requirements of a supplier should always match mine or vice-a-versa.

Maintaining the Edge

I always think that the supplier and me are two sides of the same coin; we are attached to each other very closely. So, it is not possible for both of us to work without each other.

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