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UK’s M&S to create ‘ideal’ environment for employees

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

5 months ago  |  2 mins   read

Image Courtesy: clicsargent.org.uk

UK-based apparel and home retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) has come up with a concept termed ‘Ideal Day’ for its employees. This is with regards to improving and creating an ideal working space for the employees’ well-being, in terms of health and safety.

The company will stress on creating a healthy working environment through appropriate sunlight access and improving the aesthetics of internal working space is also on their top priority.

This comes to the spotlight because the brand has significantly recognised the importance of keeping its internal resources happy, automatically resulting in better productivity. Also, good mental and physical health of a service provider lead to happy customers, M&S said in the press release issued.

The ‘Ideal Day’ concept would work as a great support in M&S workspace and lead to overall brand soundness. To procure the benefits of an Ideal Day, safety and security stand as the major factors, which are undeniably an essential requirement. This is closely followed by amenities for breaks and lighting. Break intervals are as essential as the working hours here, the company believes.

Efficient lighting, which is friendly to the eyes and less strenuous, supports well for an ideal environment. Cycle space, good-sized lockers and a working space with adequate temperature control pose as other ‘ideal day’ prominent features for a retail worker, the release added.

M&S will make sure that workers get all the facilities at the workplace. The company understands the current gloomy retail scenario in the UK and aims to make its employee feel happy and secured. The retailer believes it will boost the staff in working harder for the betterment of the employer which will drive long-term success.