Rent the Runway accepting orders and subscribers once again

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10-October-2019  |  2 mins read

Rent the Runway store
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Rent the Runway, the popular clothing rental service, has come back on track and is accepting new orders and subscribers once again.

The company had taken a month’s sabbatical of sorts to resolve issues related to inventory and supply chain, causing outrage in customers. It had gone as far as  warning customers of a delay in the delivery of existing orders at the time as well.

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Co-founder and CEO Jenn Hyman had sent out an email to current subscribers, saying, “I’m reaching out to further update you on delays that some of you have experienced in receiving your orders over the last few weeks. The delays, which began on 13 September, are due to unforeseen issues associated with a significant software transformation that we are executing in our fulfillment operation. Our technical team is working to fix these issues as quickly as possible.”

Earlier, Rent the Runway was inundated with complaints as a result of hundreds of last-minute delayed and cancelled orders that left many customers without a planned outfit right before a special event.

The company was not prepared for the onslaught, resulting in customer service wait times that topped 3 hours for at least several days.

Rent the Runway, which is valued at US $ 1 billion by investors, has issued refunds and said it would also give impacted customers US $ 200 in cash.

Although the company had anticipated to be up and running by 15 October according to the mail by Hyman, they have rectified the issues ahead of schedule and back to normal operations as of Tuesday.

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