Pakistan consignments remain unattended at border amid Indio-Pak tension

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05-March-2019  |  2 mins read

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As the India-Pakistan tension escalates along the border, consignments of Sachin Tendulkar branded hockey sticks as well as other sports goods from Pakistan are unclaimed at the border post.

After the Pulwama terror attack, India withdrew most-favoured nation status to Pakistan and imposed 200% customs duty on imports. And now the orders that were placed by Indian importers are lying unattended at the Attari-Wagah border as they aren’t willing to pay the increased duty and take delivery of consignments.

Imports from Pakistan have come to a standstill, said several dealers in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Pakistan is considered one of the top producers of high-quality sports goods and supplies products ranging from balls for soccer, volleyball, cricket and rugby to hockey sticks, pads, gloves, nets, sportswear and other accessories to brands globally.

India imports many of these items as well as products such as surgical instruments and finished leather from the neighbouring country.

“The business has come to a halt. It is prudent to return the consignments ordered and paid for, rather than paying over 200% duty. A consignment which was worth US $ 6,000 would now cost us (another) US $ 12,000 if I were to pay the customs duty.” – Rahul Bhardwaj, Dealer, Sachin Tendulkar branded sports goods. Jalandhar

A Sachin hockey stick normally costs about Rs. 1,200. Bhardwaj said his company, Ar Vee International, imported close to 2,000 Sachin sticks per month on an average.

Indian importers don’t expect any roll-back of the increased duty at least until the elections. They have instead made “local arrangements” to manufacture hockey sticks.

Most importers in India are based in Jalandhar and receive merchandise from across the border mainly through the Samjhauta Express train that runs between Delhi and Lahore.

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