Amazon workers stage walkout on Prime Day to protest working conditions

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16-July-2019  |  2 mins read

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Amazon warehouse workers in Shakopee, Minneapolis went on strike on the first day of the two-day Amazon online sales event, Prime Day, to protest their working conditions.

Workers at the Amazon Fulfillment centre in Minnesota staged a walkout because they alleged that Amazon has only accelerated the pace of their work despite prior complaints that demands on them were so high as to be unsafe.

Amazon employs more than 6,00,000 people around the world.

Prime Day is the biggest annual event for Amazon, which has built one of the most efficient supply chains in the world. But some warehouse workers say they face too much pressure to fulfill delivery orders as it is and now Amazon has offered free one-day shipping for Prime members which will in turn increase more stress on them.

In a statement, a company spokesperson said Amazon did not expect any disruptions in its operations due to the strike. “The fact is Amazon offers already what this outside organisation is asking for,” the statement read.

Some Amazon employees working from Seattle headquarters have come out in support of the strike and are joining the temporary workers in Minnesota, according to a statement from the group Amazon Employees For Climate Justice signed by dozens of employees.

Amazon has attempted to ameliorate tensions with its workforce of late by committing to a US $15-an-hour minimum wage in 2018 and promising this week to invest US $700 million in technical training for employees over the next six years.

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