Adidas shifts smart factories from US and Germany to Asia

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12-November-2019  |  1 min read

Adidas Speedfactory
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German sportswear maker Adidas has decided to shift the base of two of its flagship factories from Germany and USA to cheaper factories in Asia.

The facilities in Germany and USA were known for using robots and 4D printing technology so as to make high-tech running shoes. However, the so-called ‘speedfactories’ in Germany’s Ansbach and in the USA’s Atlanta will be discontinued by April 2020 at the latest. This was confirmed by Adidas in a statement.

Few years back, the brand was all in praise of its automated processes in speedfactory concept, which help making shoes more quickly and more customised – enough to indicate manufacturing could return to high-wage countries soon.

However, the strategies seemed to have changed now!

Before the year ends, these factories and the production will be handed over to existing suppliers in Asia.

More on this, Martin Shankland, Executive Board Member, Adidas, said that the move would make production of the shoes ‘more flexible and economical while simultaneously expanding the range of products available’.

German technology firm Oechsler, which was responsible for running the factory in Germany, has regretted Adidas’ withdrawal.

It is worth noting that the two factories together produced only a million of the 400 million shoes made by the company annually.

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