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Meet the interlining manufacturer who offers depth and variation in apparel

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“What your customers want is mostly different from what you have, and our objective is always to understand and give what our customer wants and there is nothing better than providing them different alternatives,” averred Ngo Xuan Chien, Sales Manager, Dong-IL Interlining Ltd. Chien said this while substantiating on the role played by the product development team of Dong-IL Interlining. It is this ability of understanding and meeting the wants of its customers that has helped the firm maintain a successful relationship with its clients like Sarah, Global Dyeing and Hansol among others.

While speaking to Team Apparel Resources, Chien added that his company, which has been in existence since 1976, has also many times brought the products of the customers to its factories and sold them. The Korean-based firm is one of the largest woven fusible and non-fusible interlining manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. The company has been producing different kinds of woven fusible and non-fusible interlinings since last 15 years in Vietnam.

Considering the enormous significance that interlining has in apparels, there is nothing more relevant than maintaining the shape and quality of these interlinings. The company has always believed that a good product development should always be complemented by an equally competent quality control team. “We have our own quality control team that checks the quality from the stage where fabric is sorted out to other stages of gassing, bleaching and coating among others,” said the young manager.

Keeping in line with the quality of interlinings, the company is striving to create exceptional quality of interlining goods by using its own brands, Interon-C, V, P, N and S. The firm is today known for making quality interlinings for shirts, blouses, suits and caps. The major type of interlinings that the company offers are top fuse, front fuse, cap fuse and P/C interlining.

Ngo Xuan Chien, Sales Manager, Dong-IL Interlining Ltd.

The top fuse is achieved by the company’s Interon C and V brands for dress shirts with distinctive features of good bonding strength, good durability and excellent shrinkage control, while the front fuse is achieved by using Interon S brand. It is used for men’s suits and ladies garments with features of softness, good bonding strength and equally good elasticity.

Interon P helps achieve cap fuse with unique features of hard and thick touches and steady recovery. Additionally, Interon P along with Interon N helps in attaining P/C interlining for casual garments and shirts with distinctive features of smooth surface, excellent shrinkage control and various touches.

Their endeavour to being committed to quality has even earned their brand ‘Interon’ the esteemed certification of ‘Oeko-Tex Standard 100’, which is duly approved by ‘Swiss Textile Testing Institute’.

Dong-IL Interlining produces more than 1.5 million yards of superior quality interlinings every month and has been exporting these worldwide – reaching several nations across Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Middle East among others. Going forward, the company plans to expand to countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Corroborating on the above, Chien says, “We are there everywhere and plan to be in other countries as well. However, countries like Ethiopia and Russia buy only garments and therefore they are not lucrative for us.”

When the focus is on quality, training does play its part. Continuous and effective training propels quality. At Dong-IL Interlining, training and quality carry equal importance as Chien reasons, “We first train the Production Manager and then the staff is trained who in turn train the workers. The objective is that all of them in the process should be on the same page with regard to job understanding and knowledge.”

While anyone who joins the organization at a higher position has to undergo stringent training programme before being entrusted with any responsibility, those at the lower level are mostly provided on-the-job training. At Dong-IL Interlining, the mode of training varies according to the position allotted – yet again establishing the company’s exceptional commitment towards focused training.