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India’s kidswear export to the US remains positive till July ’18; Bangladesh, Vietnam fall

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

1 week ago  |  3 mins   read

Image Courtesy: www.capturefactory.co.uk

India emerged as the top beneficiary in kidswear exports to USA among top 5 exporting destinations during January to July 2018. According to OTEXA’s figures and Apparel Resources’ analysis, the export figures of kidswear were worth US $ 108.52 million in the said period noting 1.50 per cent growth, while the volumes stood at 5.63 million kg with a staggering surge of 19.87 per cent on the yearly note.

During the 7-month period, USA too registered a growth in kidswear import. Volumes stood at 67 million kg (up 3.07%), while values escalated to US $ 1,334.62 million, up 1.76% from the same period of the prior year.

It’s worth mentioning here that India was the only country that noted surge in both volumes and values and surpassed China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia as far as percentage wise growth is concerned.

Bangladesh and Vietnam, India’s close competitors in kidswear category, fell in value-terms and grew in volumes but stayed far behind the growth tapped by India. While Bangladesh earned US $ 128.50 million (down 2%) in its kidswear export to the US, Vietnam’s export value stood almost equal to that of Bangladesh’s and clocked US $ 128.90, marking 1.90 per cent fall from the previous year.

S. No. Country Share in overall kidswear import by USA (in value-terms)
Jan.-Jul. ’17 Jan.-Jul. ’18
1 China 44.35% 42.39%
2 Bangladesh 10% 9.62%
3 Vietnam 10% 9.65%
4 India 8.14% 8.14%
5 Indonesia 4.96% 4.47%

The table (prepared by Apparel Resources) shows that apart from India, major exporting destinations dwindled in the US market from last year.

On the other hand, Bangladesh grew marginally in volume by 1.83 per cent to ship 6.08 million kg of kidswear to the US market, whereas Vietnam managed to witness a decent growth of 5.29 per cent to export 6.15 million kg of kidswear.

Given with the pace India is growing, it is expected that it would overtake both the countries by the first half of 2019 in both values and volumes of kidswear exports in the US market.

Further, China tumbled by 1.74 per cent volumes and 2.74 per cent in values in its respective export to USA, while Indonesia drastically noted decline by 8.29 per cent in values and 10.12 per cent in volumes in kidswear export to the US. The data clearly shows that India is absorbing the shift from all other countries in kidswear export orders.