Bangladesh sees a dip in denim apparel exports to the US

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

24-April-2019  |  2 mins read

Denim Products

Denim, one of the top export categories of Bangladesh, has started losing its ground in the USA. In recently released apparel import data by OTEXA, the figures of Jan.-Feb. ’19 period indicate that Bangladesh plunged by 5.81 per cent in its denim apparel exports to the USA and exported just US $ 64.78 million worth of products as against US $ 68.77, in the corresponding period last year.

Bangladesh’s export surged in skirts and jackets; the categories which can be said as insignificant ones seeing the negligible export value of US $ 1.66 million (up 130% on Y-o-Y basis) and US $ 1.70 million (up 6.67 % on Y-o-Y basis), respectively.

On the other hand, the major revenue earning categories, Men & Boys (MB) jeans and Women & Girls (WG) jeans, noted a downfall. MB jeans export values at US $ 35 million (down 2.57% on Y-o-Y basis), while WG jeans tumbled by 13.46 per cent to stand at US $ 26.40 million.

It’s worth mentioning here that USA denim apparel import valued at US $ 579.91 million (up 6.03%) in the said period and Bangladesh contributed 11.17 per cent in that, while in the same period last year the contribution was 12.57 per cent.

The downfall in denim apparel export can be an issue for Bangladesh as its competitor Vietnam grew significantly by 35.85 per cent during the same period to export US $ 50.13 million of denim apparels to the USA.

The gap between Bangladesh and Vietnam, particularly in denim exports, is shrinking. Last year the difference between export of both the countries hovered around US $ 32 million, while, in first two months of 2019, it compressed to just US $ 12.56 million which is not at all a good sign for Bangladesh denim industry.

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