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    Jehan Mutaliph Chief Digital Officer (CDO) MAS Holdings (Sri Lanka)

    Chief Digital Officer of MAS Holdings, Jehan Mutaliph, started his career implementing SAP ERP at MAS and then moved on to give leadership to e-commerce and retail systems for leading fashion brands in the UK and Europe. He has over 20 years of experience, giving leadership to teams and engaging with customers across Europe. While he drives MAS’ Futureproofing agenda through process and digital transformation, he also gives leadership to teams that enable robust and secure IT infrastructure for MAS. In this role, he is responsible for strategic planning, implementation and administration of an effective cyber security programme. Jehan is recognised across national and international forums as a tech professional with a genuine pulse for business. He was featured as a Disruptor in the Apparel Sector by Sri Lanka’s Echelon magazine in their edition titled ‘The New Establishment 100 list’, which featured pioneering leaders across varying industries. As a tech evangelist with a strong business acumen, Jehan is often referred to by those around him as a Gen Z stuck in a Gen X body. Jehan also serves on the Boards of Hellmann-MAS Supply Chain (Pvt.) Ltd. and Infor Nexus Services (Pvt.) Ltd.